Get your Towing online now!

If you are on this page then you are serious about getting on the Internet.
I am sure you have checked other offers and sites and have seen prices all over the page.

I dont feel getting on the Net should be expensive. For most the Net is a big scary thing and the prices to get online are HIGH. I offer straight forward pricing. You pay for what you want and nothing else.

I am so confident about my prices that you can check the competition and compare.


$34.95 a month to submit your site, $149 a month for them to CREATE your site.


$495 a year or $45 a month to get listed on there site


My services are Yearly fees. You pay for what you need and nothing else.

A little background on me and my business.

I have been creating websites since 1998 and been towing cars since 1999. My goal is to make the internet a lot less scary for the Old Timers out there who are finally ready to try this new thing called the Internet. For most people the prices seem outrageous and if you already did try paying a company they mislead you and blew smoke up your #$%.
NO smoke up your ass
Here is the link to my Web Design site 4kev.com You can find information on what SEO and SEM is plus other online information.


For most people they do not have a website or a domain name. For that reason and to keep costs down I will provide you the domain. Depending on how your business is setup you can choose the TOWTRUCK.ME or WRECKERSERVICE.INFO

You will choose how you want your domain. Say your company is named Jackson’s Wrecker Service. Then you would want JACKSONS.WRECKERSERVICE.INFO. Each name can only be used once so you will not have to worry about another Jacksons showing up to confuse your customers.

If you want you can choose your city and create a more blanket site.
Each city can only be used once.

$20.00 PER YEAR + package price

You get the domain name of your choice. You will need to choose the content and info on the site. This is the barebones package.

$50.00 PER YEAR

You choose your domain and I will provide basic content that will get indexed by the SEARCH engines. This will be generic information that is towing related, pre-written stock towing/wrecker service content. All SEO ready for the Search Engines.

$75.00 PER YEAR.

You choose your domain name and I will edit the information on the page to be custom made to your site and towing business.
So if you do Heavy Duty or collision repair or snow recovery this is what you would want to choose. I will SEO the page so it shows up in the Search Engines.


Do you need email address to go with your domain?
Are you still using a Yahoo or Earthlink email address?

Choose up to 5 email addresses — contact@ or bob@ or owner@ or billing@

$20.00 PER YEAR

Each additional email account is just 2.00 per year.